Grand Royal


     Our babies are born and remain members of our family until it is time for them to leave for their new homes. They supervise all aspects of our daily living! Raising top quality, healthy, happy Bengal is an expensive, time consuming labor of love! We remain passionate and dedicated to providing our cats and kittens with the best care possible. We feed top quality foods. Our babies are social, outgoing, loved and loving, extremely clean, fat and happy! They come home with an extensive health guarantee ready to live and love life!

     Our kittens are well socialized, handled and loved so they settle quickly and easily into their new homes. Kittens are able to go to their new homes from 13 weeks of age. Socializing kittens - Means all kittens are handled everyday, in a group and one-on-one within a household environment.  They are exposed to other people and other cats.  They start to learn the word NO.  NO people food.  NO scratching the couch.  NO chewing your sister ☺   They know what sunshine is and if the weather is nice, they get to sit by the screen door if they choose. 

    We want every Bengal cat and kitten born to have the same chance ... a forever family. PLEASE choose your breeder with the utmost of dedication, study and care. The decision to bring a new Bengal cat or kitten into your home should truly be a forever one. Please don't let location, price, or that quick "deal" influence your final decision. Find a breeder that will care and help you before, during, and after your new Bengal comes home.

All our kittens will come with starter pack:

All our kittens are:

  •  4 weeks FREE insurance
  •  Pack of dry food (Royal Canin)
  •  Blanket
  •  Toys
  •  Pack of litter
  •  Scoop
  •  Care Sheet
  •  Flea treated
  •  Dewormed
  •  Fully Vaccinated x 2
  •  Microchipped
  •  Fully Vet health checked
  •  Vet Medical Card
  •  TICA Registration
  •  Pedigree Certificate

What is our Pricing?

     General Prices are listed below:  Each single kitten is priced differently.  Based on the Tica Show Standard....  Keep in mind that all the kittens have their own beauty and marking which makes it difficult to price them all the same. 

There are so many things that come into play when pricing for instance like head type, bone structure,  size of the markings, spotted or rosettes, marbling and so on.   All of these things come into play when pricing is determined.  That is why not all kittens are priced the same. Pricing is determined at 4-5 weeks of age and is based on developing personality, coat pattern, and how closely the kitten fits the standard of the breed.

Pricing as follows:

Pets: Prices for pets according to quality. Those that are pet quality will be priced lower than those of a higher quality.  The pet prices do start at £690 and can go as high at £1700 depending on the kitten’s markings and coloration. Also £200 non refundable deposit per kitten will be required.

Breeder: Starting at £1450 (again prices range according to quality and can go as high as £2500 or more).

Show: A show quality cat/kitten meets the TICA Bengal standard with no current show faults.  However, a kitten can develop show faults as time moves on after he is in your care.  Show quality kittens can also be purchased as breeders but the price will still be the high show quality price.  Show quality cats occasionally will be made available as altered pets but again, they will be priced according to quality. 

     Most cats have a few show quality traits but you have to look at the overall cat or kitten to make that determination. I always encourage you to go to a few cat shows to see what the current show quality cat may look like.   Ask any Bengal breeder exhibiting and they will certainly help you to see what traits a show quality Bengal should have.  Always keep in mind that all cat show Judges have there own opinion on which is the best show cat.  :)


     Although we currently do not accept advance deposits unless the litter is born, we do keep a list of people whom we have spoken to and gotten to know, who are interested in a Kitten. All deposits are non-refundable.