Grand Royal


We take the most authentic pictures we can so you can see the Bengals in action--no editing whatsoever except for re-sizing for the web when needed. What you are seeing is what we see as best as we can capture on camera! They always look better in person but we do the best we can. If you would like extra pictures just let us know!

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Why is it better to choose our kittens?

     How is the kitten developing from his birth to the moment when he is ready for his new home? From the first day all kittens need lots of attention. Our kittens are not "in cage" kittens. They are living with us all the time, playing with our kids. This is one of the most important stages in their early development. Otherwise if kittens grew up in cage, in a future they will never be friendly and they will not love cuddles. All our kittens eat highest quality holistic food starting from 3 weeks old until collection day. We never use cheap junk food like Wiskas or Felix. Most breeders do it to reduce the costs...

     We are breeders who love their cats and do not chase after continuous sales of cats. We give a good rest to our Queens after each litter to restore their energy and give us a healthy litter in the future. We are very closely monitoring the health of our pets, to obtain healthy offspring, with stable type, according to their breed quality. Also we provide LIFETIME SUPPORT for all our costumers.